Smart girls - Smart life

A non-profit based project in Mwanza, Tanzania, with the goal of empowering young women.

What is the concept of the Project?

Smart girls - Smart life

Each year a group of young women who stuggle to make an indepedent living is receiving several workshops to improve their confidence, find out their skills and finally improve their skills to become independent and empowered.

Empowering women by feeling safe and comfortable

Another important part is to talk to family members and community leaders to start a process of change in the whole community. Also we are education young women and students in school about their monthly period, distributing pads to stop the circle of shame.

Our history

We are a small ngo who started with the first group of women in 2020. We are still in contact to make follow ups on the womens journeys. At the moment we started with a new group of 20 women. Our team includes very motivated locals who destibute their knowledge and work for free to help the community and make an impact on the future of Tanzania.

How can you support the project?


There are several ways:

  • You can donate money to support the project.
  • You can become an active volunteer.
  • You can share your professional knowledge to help the participants. 

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