Our Work

Star Foundation Organization is a non-profit organization for young women in Mwanza (TZ), fighting for empowerment and revolution through community participation for a better future of Tanzania.
A well-informed and developed society of which, children, youth and women use their skills and knowledge to achieve their desired socio-economic development without depending on other parties.
Set to enhance the lives of those in need and marginalized. This comes alive by providing them with basic knowledge through seminars, workshops and even open debates in amid to reach their life span goals. 
However, Star Foundation being the only organization striving to let a girl child reflect her potential, it has gone deeper by ensuring that it contends with the opportunities and chances by supporting them mark a touchable milestone in life. It is here that their basic rights and thoughts are observed and practiced as well. Additionally, it is from this ground that Star Foundation is being curious in strengthening and or expanding its deliverance with Young women, if not youth in particular. 

Changes to deal with 

Limited political spaces due to undemocratic practices and non-deliverance of human rights are among challenges which hinder girls ‘development and as well as social services provision to elders in Tanzania. Girls, in general have squeezed influence and little access to knowledge in to decision-making at all levels in Tanzania. 

Also political influence is termed as among the many factors which contribute to a female child hindrance among many communities in the country. Following this, our Organization (Star Foundation) is surfacing its mission in making sure that a girl-child could have the same opportunities then a male child.
Project Beneficiaries: 

Project beneficiaries are young women of Nyamongolo Ward (Mwanza) in Ilemela District will be the direct beneficiaries of this project hence they have been systematically under-represented groups socially, economically and politically. These groups generally have few and limited opportunities to participate in and influence decisions and issues that affect their lives and their future due to poor or inadequate knowhow on entrepreneurship, access to information, low voice and negotiation skills even when a chance arises. 


Smart girl - smart life (BINTI MWEREVU.MAISHA ENDELEVU) project is targeting to work with Local leaders from selected Villages and Wards in Nyamongolo Ward to address girls and marginalized and poor girls in the community. These leaders are Village Chairpersons, Village Executive Officers (VEOs), Ward Councilors, Ward Executive Officers and District Officials from the District Planning Department and the Community Development department. Targeting these leaders will facilitate to include girls concerns and issues in government plans and budgets to ensure implementation of programs which will benefit all society groups. 

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Group of 2022/2023

In April of 2022 a new group of 19 young women joined the smart girl - smart life project. They already finished two workshops dealing with self awareness, finding their own skills and presenting themselves. These workshops were important to find the potentials of the participants and give them more self-confidence. In the following year they will receive more workshops together but also work in 5 different small groups with individual themes. Here they will prepare for a specific profession, exchange skills and knowledge and practice together. We chose this approach to meet everyone's individual character and needs. 
You can find the detailed steps of the program below.

Group of 2021

In 2021 our first group of 10 women started the smart girl - smart life project. They concluded several workshops on food processing, which the Star Foundation provided including transportations and meals. We are proud to present our own products on a local market. At the moment the remaining participants are producing and get educated in the business side of the market so they can take over all the parts of a food business in the future and become independ. During that process they are accompanied closley, step by step. You can find the detailed steps of the program below.

The steps of the program

I. Trainings in entrepreneurship at Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO)

SIDO, is a parastatal established many years ago in a mission to plan, coordinate, promote and provide capacity development services to small industries. The project aims at providing a training to ten intended girls on food processing at SIDO at a reasonable cost hence these girls will have the ability to stand at their own ground and become self-reliant. The training program will be a fifteen-day duration and will be conducted in a random way. That is, there would be no specific time (7 to 15 days)for the beneficiaries to have the training but will be available during working hours and days. The plan is to change these girls lifestyle and see their future full of hopes and flourishes.
II. Workshop (smart chart side)

Workshop activities which will be having role model women who will be telling their stories and inspires the young girls. The purpose of using this workshop model is to make the awareness to these young girls to believe on themselves whereby the unexpected careers for women and other diverse of jobs. Important strategies for strengthening girls voice include creating spaces for public debate and platforms for girls’ dialogue, building girls confidence and rights awareness, facilitating the development of coalitions and alliances that can speak with a strong, united voice, and making strategic use of (or helping to develop) both modern and traditional forms of media. A principal challenge of social accountability initiatives is to ensure that the voices of poorer and more marginal groups are not drowned out or dominated by more powerful and vocal groups.

III. Exhibition and marketing

We will be conducting several exhibitions for their goods, a situation that will trigger their capabilities and attain markets for their products.
IV. Follow and training

We will keep on making follow up for these girls from the PHASE I AND PHASE II girls to make the transformation we wish to see on their lives.
The will be given several Business Development Services (BDS) to make them to be capable to win the market completion
V. Target Reach and Plan for Scale-up

Approximately 20 girls out of school girls with 14 to 25 will be reached with our program. Smart Girl Smart Life PHASE II will be for one year whereby we will have 2 intake of 20 girls in each Every year we will expand the coverage and reach more girls through employment generation to our small industrial established hence employment opportunity to girls out of school preference based on 14 to 25 out of school within and out of schools, married and single mothers of Nyamongoro ward of Ilemela District.
VI. Background on Proposed Workload

The SF has begun collaboration with the AFRICAN ROOTS .EV.DE with financial support to ST to supervise and attach young girls to SIDO training for 2weeks were girls acquired good knowledge of production of goods to include FOOD PROCESSING COURSE the intensive training was undertaken since 12th April,2021 to 23rd April,2021 wherein a number of 8 members were trained to conduct some production in Mwanza, there is a desire to create a small industrial which will help girls to produce their production which 1st will raise 
their income and automatically after these girls being stable economically will be free from violence which may occur to these young girls, since many of the girls fall in early marriages/ pregnancy will struggling to get money to run their life. 



To educate girls in schools

Buying pruducts

To support the food processing which started 2021